Swinger Festival

1154 Budapest, Ungarn

Swinger Festival

Budapest, Ungarn



in Hungary

We are waiting to see you at the Second Hungarian Swinger Festival!

Fix Programs:

Hanky-panky venues: private hided places for smaller hurry-scurry, Beach lounge and bigger playgrounds with NON-STOP opening hours
Henna and body painting, party tattoos
Medical tent with venereal disease related advisory
on-site STD medical screening and COVID test
Intimate and relaxation massages with preregistration – with male and female masseurs
Wellness park: jacuzzi and pools, sauna house
Erotic photography
Beach (the venue of the event is located directly near the lake)
Sex shop with discounted prices

Programs on Stages:

Live music concerts
Talkshow conversations on stage
Book presentation, interviews, and dedication
‘Sexathlon’ championship and team building games with lot of joy and valuable prizes
Spectacular shows

Night Parties with live DJ

Trainings and workshops

Yoni and Lingam intimate massage demonstrations
Anal training
Orgasm training
’Pre-Play’ – a joyful warm-up game to participants being opened for swinger
’The Doctor is answering’ – venereal disease related presentation
Round table discussions

Free program options:

water sports
bicycle rental

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Swinger Festival
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1154 Budapest, Ungarn

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Swinger Festival

Budapest, Ungarn
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