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Apollodore parties

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Apollodore parties



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Party like there is no tomorrow and repeat ;)

Party like there is no tomorrow and repeat *zwinker*
Young black men organizing multicouples and black men parties on regular in western Europe : Paris, Lille, Brussels, Antwerpen, Aachen, Koln.
I have pleasure to meet partners in relaxed atmospher for an optimal enjoyment. Love to put the spice that makes everything more kinky.

I have been swinging for 11 years and organize multicouple and black men parties on regular in Paris, Lille, Brussels and western europe in general. Also in cap d'agde, France during summer.

The events we organize/promote with my team are meant to promote the genuine swinger spirit and art de vivre. Such a lifestyle can be sustainable with a no dog zone policy.

Men that attend our party are remarkable gentlemen that have the highest value of consent. They care about offering the best conditions to sluts (as a compliment) to let them express themselves.

In the end it is the most beautiful feeling to have a slut blooming and redefine herself as she feels so secure.

Men selected for our parties are athletic and not in overweight in the intent to have the best compatibility and osmosis between partners.

Couples are also selected in some variable conditions to pursue the same goal.

The result is that no one is being left aside as there is potential desire for everyone in which nothing is mandatory and everything is possible. Guests are always grateful for this common sense selection.

We always care about choosing the best venue as it is also a pillar to enjoy the best atmosphere when it's play time.

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Apollodore parties
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