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A visitor to Frankfurt from Ireland (14. - 17.06)

*********asco Mann
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A visitor to Frankfurt from Ireland (14. - 17.06)
I love the dynamic of meeting a couple, I find it a very attractive trait in a woman that is sexually liberated and the trust afforded to me by her and hubby/BF to trust me to play with his lady.

I'm an easy going Irish guy who loves the mixture of adrenaline and nervous energy when meeting, I know we are all on to have great, but to be able to have a laugh makes a meet all the better and there is a common chemistry between the 3 of us.

BTW I'm straight!!

I’m in Frankfurt from 14-17 June.

Hope you get a chance to read my profile and apologies for such a long mail.


I will willingly share a face pic, if asked!!
As long as you don’t think I look like Shreak lol
****one Mann
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Hi - me and my wife MyOwnPassion79 are interested - drop us a line if ou are too *zwinker*
********ker1 Mann
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