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Dear group,

*******ien Mann
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Themenersteller Gruppen-Mod 
Dear group,
the Joyclub has become more international.

There are now a lot of members from the American continent,
just as there are members from many European countries.

So what could be better than setting up a corner here for English-speaking members?

So get to the keys and give us your contributions!

Only in English please!

Thank you very much!
*******ien Mann
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Themenersteller Gruppen-Mod 
In our group
we have some members from Denmark and

some new fellow citizens from Schleswig-Holstein

who can currently communicate better in English

because they still have to learn German.

At this point we would like to say a warm welcome!

*feuerwerk* *hochleb* *feuerwerk*
******969 Mann
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A warm welcome to the new ones in Schleswig Holstein
Or simply Moin Moin …
*********Time Mann
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Hi all. Nice to have in English discussions in here with you *g*
*******ien Mann
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Themenersteller Gruppen-Mod 
It's not a discussion at the moment, but we hope it gets started!

So jump on the bandwagon and do the first step!

Well begun is half done *zwinker*
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