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Kink Club Denmark

7840 Højslev, Dänemark

Kink Club Denmark

Højslev, Dänemark


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BDSM club, where everyone is welcome.
In BDSM club, KinkClub, we have prioritized having many closed play rooms with different themes both Bondage, Dominance and Sm so here are many options.

As we are a BDSM CLUB, it is not far from idea to action, and we are happy to receive good ideas and helping hands.

We focus on having an open evening a week, on that opening night there may be themes ranging from the totally hardcore to the first cautious steps into our wonderful universe.

KinkClub lives in a restored room, but there are "high" ceilings and big plans and no empty talk.

You pay entrance fee when you visit us. The price is the same for men and women. If you come often you have the opportunity to get a discount, read more under Prices. Read HERE.

You can pay with cash or by card.

We appreciate that both singles and couples visit us, and to facilitate communication, we have chosen to have bracelets, so if you are looking for one or more evenings, then just put on the bracelet that suits your mood. It makes it easier to apply, but as in life or there is no scoring guarantee in KinkClub.

We have the opportunity for you to change clothes, so therefore we and our neighbors appreciate that you come in ordinary "streetwear" and change clothes. We have lockers that can be locked, just bring a padlock, or borrow one at the bar.

You can not bring food and drinks,

We have a secret group on facebook. Since it's a secret, you can not search it. But it also means that when you're in it, your friends can't see you there or see what you're writing (unless they're in the group, of course). Write an email to us if you want to join the group. Then we'll probably pick you up.

Our premises
Impact play: is the first play room you meet in Kink Club. Here are several different fixation options, both standing, lying and sitting. Here there is plenty of space to swing various floggers m.m.
Purple room: is Kink Club's smallest room, but most intimate room. Where there is plenty of opportunity for play with needles, sutures, waxplay etc.
The stable: is the large open play area, which has 7 stalls, which gives a bit of privacy.
The lounge: is where you can talk, laugh, exchange experiences, or just enjoy a cup of coffee with your subject at your feet.
Roissy: Our large and delicious D / r room, which has room for several playful couples. Why the door must not be closed to this room.
Chamber: The slightly dark and cozy room, with a smaller "throne room" first.
Dante: is the space where you can swing your singletail. Both in play but also practice on the facilities there are.

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Kink Club Denmark
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7840 Højslev, Dänemark

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19:00 bis 23:30 Uhr
Kinky Bondage
Normalpreis10,00 €10,00 €
19:00 bis 02:00 Uhr
Regular opening night
Normalpreis17,00 €17,00 €
19:00 bis 02:00 Uhr
Regular opening night
Normalpreis17,00 €17,00 €

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Kink Club Denmark

Højslev, Dänemark
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