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CJ's at the Townhouse

G1 Glasgow, Vereinigtes Königreich

CJ's at the Townhouse

Glasgow, Vereinigtes Königreich


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CJ's adult parties have all you need for a fun & enjoyable night out in safe & comfortable surroundings with a relaxed atmosphere.

Giving you a chance to meet and enjoy the company of like-minded swinging adults at a Glasgow swinging venue.
Parties are held in a private venue in the Northside of Glasgow. The venue has 2 lounges and separate smoking area. We have 7 playrooms available; open room, fully equipped dungeon, couples & fems only room with love swing and 4 private rooms.

New guests are more than welcome to come along. You must contact us first to register an interest in attending. The parties are very friendly & relaxed and you are under no pressure to participate, No means No.

Mobile phones, cameras or any similar devices are not allowed in the public areas.


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CJ's at the Townhouse
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G1 Glasgow, Vereinigtes Königreich
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CJ's at the Townhouse

Glasgow, Vereinigtes Königreich
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