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Wiederholungstäter gibt es genug.
Viel dazugelernt, doch noch die alte Glut.
Tief im Herzen drin, wo ich ganz bei mir bin,
denk' ich nur an dich und verliebe mich.

Wiederholungstäter und wieder mal allein,
viel dazugelernt und manches zu bereu’n.
Die Zeit verging im Flug, ich war Dir nicht genug,
wo, verdammt nochmal blieb Deine Liebe?

Wärst Du jetzt da, wär’s wunderbar….
Die vergang’ne Zeit hab’ ich nie bereut.

Wiederholungstäter, wie ich einer bin,
viel dazugelernt, doch nichts anderes im Sinn,
es nochmal zu probier’n, Dich nochmal zu verführ’n.
Ich weiß, es wär schön, Dich wiederzuseh’n.

(C) Rhabia

Ain't it good enough

Ain't it good enough for you to hold me near?
Ain't it good enough for you to call me dear?
Ain't it good enough for you to know my joy and sorrow?

Do you ever want to have the wholly sky,
when a single star could also satisfy?
Wonder, when you'll ever pay for all the luck you borrow!

You're forgettin' what you just possess,
wanting more and more and more...
I don't own much more than my caress
and it's love I'm looking fore.

Ain't it good enough for you to have my love?
Ain't it good enough to see the sky above?
Gatherin' around for more you're loosing all you're treasures.

Ain't it good enough for you to have a friend?
Can't you take a pleasant word as it is meant?
Doubting all the good on earth just means destroyin' your pleasures!

(c) Rhabia

A pink romance

When I was a child
I had a dream
I've been cinderella
waiting for to become a queen

But I grew older
and more enterprising
so I wished to be
a heroe covered with glory

In my phantasies
I've been jester and magican
I jumped to the clouds
and moved with the musicans

Many dreams are gone
and only a few came true
but as the essence
of my desire I can see you

'cause when you are near me
you're taking all my fear from me
and my only wish is
not to awake from this reality

(c) Rhabia

Our Love

Don't grab for the sunlight
it might burn your hand
don't grab for the moonlight
it might run to sand

Just grab for my hand and I
will lead you along
and if all the lights go down
our love will burn on

Don't try to catch water
you surely will drown
don't fight with the stormwind
you won't get him down

And if all the natures grace
one dark day will die
Oh, babe, take my hand because
our love will survive

(c) Rhabia

Cold Morning

Grey is the sky, I'm getting up on this cold morning.
You went away whithin the night, without a warning.
No trace you left behind
no sign, that I could find
to proof it was reality.

The dream of love, I dreamed for years, you killed it this night.
And suddenly I can't see any sence in my fight.
'Cause your love was a lie
and now I wonder why
I whishe it was reality.

You used my home, you used my heart - thoughtlessly.
In all the years I've been as blind as no-one could be.
And now you went away
I see it is okay
that this is my reality.

(c) Rhabia
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