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Dreamland Swingers Club

1105 Budapest, Ungarn

Dreamland Swingers Club

Budapest, Ungarn


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A club where your dreams come true…

Our club was created in order to provide for the "swinger lifestyle enthusiasts"

The Dreamland in it's exclusive neighborhood on nearly 600m2 makes possible for couples, ladies and gentlemen carefree relaxation and fun addition to worship in his free love pleasure, and without being attached, only sympathy.

The club has many special rooms. It also features a whirlpool, Sado & Maso, voyeur, mirror, dark, paintings and lockable rooms. For all these features, satisfies all requirements of environmental makes possible to spend your nights of spiced eroticism in friendly society.

The premises are air-conditioned and smoke-free!

Besides the fantastic parties, a buffet of hot and cold food (sandwiches, salads, desserts) and a huge selection of drinks and cocktails will take care of your pleasant evening.


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Durchschnittsalter40 Jahre
Platz für220 Personen
Rauchengetrennter Bereich
Abschließbare ZimmerAußenbereichBar & CocktailsBDSM-BereichTanzflächeMassage-BereichPärchenbereichSaunaWhirlpool
Dreamland Swingers Club
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Gitár Utca 11
1105 Budapest, Ungarn
+36 20 250 6886

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Öffnungszeiten Dreamland Swingers Club und Preise

21:00 bis 02:00 Uhr
Normalpreis0,00 €70,00 €50,00 €
Mit JOYclub Rabatt60,00 €40,00 €
21:00 bis 04:00 Uhr
Normalpreis0,00 €80,00 €70,00 €
Mit JOYclub Rabatt70,00 €60,00 €
21:00 bis 04:00 Uhr
Normalpreis0,00 €100,00 €70,00 €
Mit JOYclub Rabatt90,00 €60,00 €


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Dreamland Swingers Club

Budapest, Ungarn
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